dinner on december 18

dinner on december 18

1 cauliflower, chopped
1 cup of chopped fresh green beans OR shelled edamame beans (I use frozen)
2 ½ teaspoons curry powder
1 teaspoon tomato paste
1 teaspoon tamari or soy sauce
1 medium onion, diced
4 Tablespoons vegetable oil
2 Tablespoons fresh ginger, peeled and chopped
4 garlic cloves, minced
1 teaspoon grated lime rind
2 Tablespoons lime juice
Pinch of powdered cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves
1 can (400 ml) unsweetened coconut milk
¼ cup fresh basil or cilantro, shredded (it’s better with basil!)
Chopped nuts or sesame seeds to garnish
Salt to taste


1. In a small bowl, blend 1 tablespoon of oil with the curry powder, tamari,tomato paste, ginger, garlic, lime juice, lime rind, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. Set aside.
2. In a large saucepan, heat the remaining oil and sauté onion on medium. When translucent, add curry mixture and stir for about a minute. Add cauliflower and stir to coat.
3. Continue stirring for another minute. Add coconut milk and bring to a boil, scraping the bottom of the pan with a spoon. Reduce temperature to medium low and simmer for 5 mins, or until slightly thickened.
4. Add beans for the last minute of cooking. Top each serving with basil and nuts. Serve with rice.

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